How can we tell that the Spiritual Healing is Working?

Healing is a subtle and gentle treatment, but all animals seem to naturally love it and the great thing about working with animals is that there is no placebo effect.

Animals often find healing very relaxing. At an animal sanctuary that I visit there are over seventy animals to work with, so in order to help as many of them as I can, I will frequently share some healing energy with the individual animals from outside their pens. The dogs will come over as close to their pen door as they can and they will often lie down and go to sleep for the duration of their healing session. The cats will also come as close as they are able and they will dance and play in the healing energy. Even the feral cats at the sanctuary respond to healing in this way. Feral cats generally dislike close human contact and they will normally shun eye contact from a human being. During healing time, however, the feral cats will volunteer to come out of their hiding places, they will choose to come over to wherever I am working and they will even gaze continuously into my eyes as if transfixed whilst the healing energy is being shared with them.
(Some animals are also powerful healers in their own right and one impressive black feral cat at the sanctuary always sends the healing energy right back at me for my own benefit.)

Horses too can give off a powerful response to healing energy, some of the usual reactions are:

  • A change in breathing, the barrel expanding, the horse takes deeper and longer breaths
  • A shifting of body weight or resting of a hind leg.
  • A lowering of the head and neck
  • Hearing tummy rumbles and the passing of gas.
  • Lower lips softens, sometimes there is a quivering of the lips
  • Sighing
  • Eyes closing
  • Muscles twitch as tension is released
  • If a horse goes deeply into the healing energy they will sometimes rock gently in my arms

After the healing session an animal can become calmer and more relaxed than normal and their eye will become softer and brighter. Also their skin appears to relax and there is often a shine on the coat that is greater than pre-healing.

So there are lots of signs that tell us that the healing IS working, and different animals respond to it in different ways. The most common effect is a very evident state of relaxation. One of the best things about spiritual healing is that there are no adverse side effects.

Sharing healing energies is a natural ability that is freely available to us all. If you would like to learn to share healing energies with your horse or pet, I would love to help you on your journey. I offer mentoring for human companions who would like to achieve a deeper connection with their animals. Please get in touch.