"Kate is an insightful animal communicator and a powerful healer of both humans and animals. I would highly recommend Kate and her services. I will certainly be using Kate’s services again, should the occasion arise that I need further insights."
- Jane Noble Knight

"My husband and I own a very loyal Parsons Russell Terrier. We got him when he was 12 weeks old and he is now 8. We kept him intact and bred from him some time ago, so he now lives with his daughter as well. Earlier this year we had a baby. Albert has amazed us by how he has been able to deal with this and clearly loves our son. I was keen to get him neutered as when we are out he is very protective and can be aggressive to other dogs. I also know what an amazing dog he is, but many people do not see beyond a dog that barks and growls at other dogs when he is on the lead. He loves people and is always keen for a stroke and a fuss. Kate did some remote healing with Albert and was able to communicate our plans to him as I needed his agreement. He told Kate that neutering may help him and understands why we have made this decision. He also communicated his love for his family, particularly our son, as we were concerned he may be feeling left out. Although I am still waiting to book his operation, Albert appears to have become more relaxed and definitely barks less at other dogs. Hopefully, thanks to Kate's work, other people will be able to see what a gorgeous dog he is."
- Harriet Salter

"Kate came to visit us after we adopted a lovely 12 month old cross breed dog from the animal sanctuary.  Kate identified that there had been significant traumas and injuries in Bella's first 12 months which, although heart breaking, allows us to better understand her anxieties.
Now she is much more relaxed around the house and will take herself off for some ‘me time’ in another room if we are being too noisy. We still have a way to go with Bella outside of the house, but thanks to Kate we have a very content and happy dog!"
- Dave Reeves

"I took on a 9 year old thoroughbred mare that had been abandoned at the side of the road. She came to me in a depressed state and with many issues. A horse with no past history other than she had been ridden and possibly used as a brood mare. I was told of your ability by a fellow livery at my yard who knew you and who you had helped with her horse.
The information you gave us was invaluable as I now have a 10 year old thoroughbred who follows me everywhere, is calm in her stable and enjoys a fulfilling life. And for that I thank you."
- Lynn Nettleton

"I had stopped riding Hazy because I was too scared. [Through her healing work] Kate told us so much about Hazy that we didn’t know about her. Following her advice, we have changed what we have done and how we handle her "Hazy Moments”.
I now have a 15 year old that can go out for hours at a time on her own! Hazy is now a show pony having competed at 5 shows, one of them being a championships and qualified for the SWPA championships at David Broome Equestrian Centre."
- Abbie Lee

"I have a beautiful, gentle horse on loan to me. He had recently been seen by the chiropractor as I was concerned about stiffness in his back, particularly in canter, and was unsure why. He is 18 but very spritely so didn't want to put this down to age. The chiropractor informed me that at some point he had experienced a back injury causing some misalignment. Kate suggested some healing to complement this. She communicated with my horse and he was able to tell her that people had expected too much and pushed him too quickly. He was also able to tell her about his injury. Since the healing Kate has enabled me to better understand my horse and his needs. His stiffness has lessened considerably and we are developing a very trusting bond. We have begun jumping, not to compete, but as something we enjoy. Having been quite nervous of this in the past we are now jumping a metre comfortably and, more importantly, both enjoying the experience. Thank you Kate!"
- Harriet Salter