How does healing work?

Briefly, each one of us, humans and animals alike, is blessed with an energy field which surrounds and penetrates the physical body, rather like an egg white surrounds a yolk. For humans this field can become blocked or unbalanced through the stresses of our everyday lifestyle, for animals this can also occur as a result of living alongside us in our modern, and often for them, unnatural environment. A healer works within the energy field to help restore the natural balance and flow

What is spiritual healing energy, exactly?

No amount of words can explain this energy exactly. The experience of healing comes only from the experience of healing itself. Many people find the concept very strange and perhaps even a little scary. But sharing healing energy is a completely natural ability that is freely available to us all, we can all do this if we choose to. Healing works beneficially with humans, animals, plants, and even with human tissue in petri dishes. And animals absolutely love it.

As a result of its measurable benefits over the years, the National Health Service in the UK lists spiritual healing as an official therapy which doctors are permitted to refer patients for. Similarly the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons also raises no objection to spiritual healing as a complementary treatment for animals alongside veterinary care.

I trained in spiritual healing with NFSH The Healing Trust, a charitable body which is the largest and oldest healing organisation in the UK. I further trained in equine and animal healing with the world renowned animal healer Margrit Coates.

You can read about or listen to some of my animal healing experiences here.

If you are interested in having some healing for your own horse or animal, or if you are interested in learning how to share healing energies with your own horse or pet, please do get in touch with me by going to the contact page where you can find my details.

Kate Davies, Equine and Animal Healing